Angela Willeke


Marketing, Digitalisierung, Strategie, Führung / Leadership, Personal / Recruiting, Coaching, Employer Branding, BAFA-Zulassung, HR Business Partnering, Personal Entwicklung, Digitale Kommunikation, Führungs- und Fachkräfte-Entwicklung, effiziente Meetings, Time Management 

Angela Willeke


Angela Willeke
Consultung - HR Beratung - Personalentwicklung

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AWB HR & Business Development combines the sustainability of your projects in a unique way through a professional worldwide Partner Network , Private Investors and International Business Development in over 50 countries. By focusing on a holistic market and company development we also optimize the education of your employees as well. to your unique competitive advantage, and highest market reputation. Our customers and partners are highly esteemed companies, organizations or investors inside and outside the European Union

AWB HR & Business Development stands for your entrepreneurial success in international business and product development. That’s why we train, educate and develop your people as part of your project.

We are looking forward to benefit you!